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Mold Transfer

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Dymotek’s Mold Transfer Program

Molding Transfer from one vendor to another can be a difficult process wrought with concern.

Serving as a true extension of your company, Dymotek’s mold transfer program eliminates worry and risk through a systematic approach that incorporates scientific molding protocol.

We’ll work hard to make mold transfer easy for you with lock-step precision through every phase.

Dymotek’s Mold Transfer Program

Mold Transfer Programs from review to distribution

Mold transfer programs designed not just to replicate, but improve. From initial design review and mold evaluation through product packaging and distribution, our dedicated team, including our RJG-Certified Master Molders, becomes YOUR dedicated team, carefully examining every option and variable to identify the optimum transfer solution.

Dymotek’s detailed Mold Transfer checklist and documentation process includes:

  1. Mold design review
    • Shipment of your mold or molds to our facility
    • Mold inspection and evaluation, including modification, debugging, and repair
  2. Process capability studies
    • Research alternate ways to mold, assemble, or finish part
    • Research alternate mold designs and tooling to improve efficiency
    • Run scientific molding-based diagnostics
  3. Machine Capability Studies
    • Molding machine analysis
    • Research alternate mold designs to improve efficiency
  4. Cost reduction evaluations
    • Materials evaluation
    • Part-in-mold orientation review
  5. Design of Experiments (DOE)
    • Computer generated predictability studies to identify areas needing improvement
  6. Program launch
    • Immediate production response to meet short-term product requirements
    • Planned program implementation to meet long-term product requirements
  7. Ongoing program support
    • Extensive mold-care and mold-maintenance program

Dymotek—your worry-free, full-support solution for plastic injection mold transfer!

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