Dymotek - Dynamic Molding Technologies
7 Main Street
Ellington, CT 06029
toll free: 800-788-1984
local: 860-875-2868
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World Class Molding and Assembly Solutions
in Northeast, USA!

Plastic Injection Molding Company

At of Ellington, CT, we manufacture way beyond just plastic parts—we mold solutions. "Dymotek," stands for Dynamic Molding Technologies—a name we created to represent the unique engineering, molding, assembly, and distribution advantages we offer.

"Dynamic" describes our approach. Dedicated to being a true extension of your company, we work to become experts in your industry both nationally and globally.

"Molding" identifies Dymotek's core strength. Plastic injection molding and silicone molding innovation that delivers parts faster, more accurately, and more efficiently utilizing the world's most advanced technologies and resources.

"Technologies" is the key behind our advanced molding capabilities. Superior mold evaluation and plastic engineering services, precise robotic-assisted molding and assembly, computer guided inspection and project management, and complete distribution solutions—all from our state-of-the-art injection molding company in CT.

Molding Partner

Dymotek. More than a molding company—we’re a silicone molding partner that delivers honesty, integrity, and value to every client we serve.