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Plastic Engineering, Mold Engineering
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At Dymotek, we know our clients need to carve out an unrivaled competitive advantage. This starts with engineering and development. Our team is available to support your in-house engineering capabilities, and has the bandwidth to completely handle all of your engineering needs.

We have the ability to engineer multi-material solutions, combining plastic and silicone rubber. Our 2-Shot molding process solves assembly problems and reduces assembly operations. This advantage all starts with Dymotek's World-Class engineering capabilities.

Plastic Injection Mold Engineering

Product Design *

Have a plastic part design you want to improve? We combine aesthetics and functionality, enhancing your product with manufacturing and assembly efficiencies.

Material Selection

Choosing an applicable molding material is key when engineering a part with the appropriate tensile strength, temperature resistance, appearance, life-span, and production cost. Our vast knowledge of thermoplastic and thermoset materials is crucial for an efficient molding process.

Mold Design *

Wall thickness. Draft features. Radii and corners integrity. Weld lines. Flashless requirements. Runnerless molding. Dymotek's advanced mold design considers all of these to create a quality part that meets appearance, function, and manufacturing efficiency.

Our team ensures top-level quality and efficiency by conducting a mold-flow analysis to the design to simulate the material's proposed molding, allowing us to predict manufacturing defects and problems before production.

Pre-production Planning

Dymotek applies Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) dynamics to evaluate every element of the manufacturing process. We detect and fix potential glitches before production, ensuring your product is on time and under budget.

Process Engineering

Dymotek combines analysis finding with innovative thinking to deliver the best solution. Process engineering is a part of every project our team takes on and continues throughout the life of your project.

Working as an extension of your company, we deliver improved ways to:

  • Create multi-variation parts
  • Implement multi-part combinations that reduce inventory and storage needs
  • Structure configurations to support multiple-packaging options
  • Increase molding efficiency while reducing mold to shelf time
  • Reduce waste to improve cost-per-unit ratios

* (for non-medical products only)

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