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Robot-Assisted Molding: advanced automation for advanced speed and precision
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Robot-Assisted Plastic Molding

Robot Assisted Molding: advanced automation for advanced speed and precision

Robot Assisted Molding at Dymotek is the result of advanced and full-cycle process engineering. It offers you a solution that reflects both our scientific molding approach, and our dedicated service approach.

Through robot assisted molding, we consider the entire process considering all variables from the “plastics point of view,” and also from our clients point of view. The result: faster transfer times, improving efficiency and increased output while also ensuring overall cost savings and reduced product and material waste.

Our robotic-assisted molding and assembly cells are configured in 2-axis through 6-axis movement flexibility to address even the most complicated manufacturing needs. For projects with delicate parts where handling is a concern—and for parts where there is no room for tolerance variation—Dymotek’s robot-assisted molding and assembly automation can deliver results to meet and exceed expectation.