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Dymotek Receives MAPP 15 Year Member Award
Dymotek Receives MAPP 15 Year Membership Award

Dymotek Receives MAPP 15 Year Membership Award

MAPP Awards Ceremony - Leverage Your Mindset: Reduce Stress, Adapt to Change and Ignite Your Potential!

The Board of Directors of MAPP and its staff would like to formally recognize Dymotek for its 15 years of continuous membership. We sincerely appreciate your active participation in the MAPP organization over the past 15 years. We especially want to recognize the contributions your company has provided to other member executives and are grateful for your overall support.

Mindset expert, motivational speaker, and author of the book Leverage Your Mindset, Ricky Kalmon, will show attendees how to change the way they think. No matter how successful a person may be – there are always new heights to achieve. Kalmon works with Fortune 500 companies, sales teams, leaders, executives, and sports teams, teaching them how to reinforce their thoughts and beliefs to enhance their results. Who doesn’t want positive change that comes with ease and effectiveness? Leveraging Your Mindset offers attendees ways to turn their best intentions into their greatest accomplishments on a consistent basis. Tapping into the most powerful asset - the mindset - attendees can begin to grow beyond excellence, into a spectacular realization of their best selves. Kalmon is a Visionary Architect in Personal Growth who will reduce stress while leveraging a growth mindset, thereby taking the audience to the next level of success

About Dymotek Corp.

Founded in 1990, Dymotek Corp. is a highly automated custom molder focused on liquid silicone rubber molding, plastics injection molding, and two-shot molding. It is increasingly active in the high-precision field of two-shot micromolding of both plastic and silicone. Dymotek's two Connecticut factories, in Ellington and Somers, together run 31 injection presses with clamping forces ranging from 15-550 tons. The company serves a diverse client base in the medical, electronics, food and beverage, commercial, telecommunications and all product pioneers.

For more details, contact: Victor Morando, or cell (413) 519 7310.

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