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Our 6-Point Service Philosophy
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Dymotek is Centrally located between New York and Boston in the heartland of Connecticut

Centrally located between New York and Boston in the
heartland of Connecticut

Our 6-Point Service Philosophy

Plastic Molding Philosophy

The Dymotek plastic molding philosophy really is summed up in our tagline: Beyond Parts, We Mold Solutions. Our ability to provide superior injection molding service value is a direct result of our team’s dedication to always following our 6-point guiding philosophy:

1. Think, respond, and perform as a true EXTENSION of our customer's business.

Provide interactive value and pro-active support in every company department, including knowledge sharing, software integration, process integration, and more.

2. Research, learn, and adapt to become a true EXPERT in our customer's industry.

Develop a keen understanding of our clients business so that we can identify which new, emerging, and unique technologies can be leveraged to provide increased benefit.

3. View customer problems as a welcome opportunity to create innovative solutions.

View any customer’s problem as our problem – and view the challenge as an opportunity for Dymotek to excel through innovation in plastic engineering, injection molding, and product distribution.

4. Always maintain authority status in all aspects of evolving molding technology.

Recognize the importance of keeping in lock-step with the latest molding and process technologies and materials so that working with Dymotek always delivers cutting-edge advantages.

5. Partner with global resources to assure the highest quality available anywhere.

Harness the power of national and global partnerships whenever necessary to ensure access to the industry’s finest machinery, tooling, robotics, and raw materials. The world is our resource.

6. Deliver every service solution with 100% honesty and uncompromised integrity.

Always hold paramount the value of truth, respect, fairness, and hard work in every business relationship. They are the foundations on which Dymotek was founded.