Dymotek’s Plastic Injection, Molded-part Capabilities

Ranging from medical and defense to industrial and consumer goods

Plastic Injection Molding Solutions

Learn About DymotekWhen it comes to part manufacturing, every industry has its standards and requirements. Dymotek’s “under-one-roof” plastic injection molding solutions provide project-critical control of quality, price, schedule, and inventory to benefit a wide range of industries that include:

Industrial/consumer goods plastic injection molding

Plastic injection molding for consumer products is a natural for Dymotek. Designers and manufacturers welcome added support for the molding of parts for sporting goods, personal items, cleaning products, tools, housewares, electronics, and appliances. Industrial clients look to Dymotek as a reliable resource for pumps, valves, seals, brackets, housings, and more.

Aviation and aerospace injection molding

Plastic injection molding for aviation and aerospace parts requires innovative thinking and quick response. Dymotek brings those advantages, along with the level of quality demanded for mission-critical application.

Medical plastic injection molding to meet ISO/13485

Plastic Injection Molding for medical needs includes everything from medical devices and surgical tools to parts for medical supplies and medical appliances. With molding capabilities in a variety of materials including silicone rubber, Dymotek can provide the uncompromising medical plastic part molding this strict profession demands according to ISO/13485 requirements.

Electronics plastic injection molding

Plastic Injection Molding for electronics parts and equipment often requires the multi-step, value-add capabilities Dymotek delivers. Inspection and testing assures functionality for electronic interface parts, connectors, faceplates, housings, scientific equipment, and more.

Telecommunications plastic injection molding

Plastic Injection Molding for telecommunications equipment is a natural fit for Dymotek. From plastic parts for home phones and cellular phones to parts and connectors for satellite and cable networks, our broad range molding capabilities meet the broadband industry’s plastic part needs.

Automotive plastic injection molding: ISO/TS16949 compliant

Plastic Injection Molding for the automotive industry ranges in quality requirements. But when quality and scheduling cannot be compromised, Dymotek can provide domestic and foreign automakers with innovative advantages that are ISO/TS16949 compliant. Our sevice advantages include materials selection for plastic molded auto parts, design improvements and innovations, fast plastic molding production turnaround, and more.

Food and beverage service container parts and aseptic packaging

Plastic Injection Molding for the food and beverage industry requires performance consistency and Aseptic Packaging qualities that protect product integrity and safety, preserve taste and freshness, and extend shelf life. Dymotek has experience and knowledge in creating seals, pumps, and container parts that protect and control fluids and foods—making us an excellent source for technically advanced, safe and sustainable packaging and part solutions that combine high-value with high reliability.

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